There is a strong tradition of coffee in Italy, which accompanies not only the beginning of the day, but is a valuable aid to recover energy and is undoubtedly the end of the meal par excellence, along with the amaro.

Caffè corretto, which means ‘corrected coffee’, is very popular, and it consists of a shot of espresso with a few drops of liqueur; in some cases, the liquor is served in a shot alongside the coffee allowing the customer to pour the desired quantity.

A unique way to enjoy coffee with sambuca is la mosca, which means ‘the fly’: it is a small glass of sambuca to which one or more roasted coffee beans are added to nibble at the end.

There are many hypotheses about the origin of la mosca: the most famous tells that during the breaks in filming the famous film “La dolce vita” by Federico Fellini, one day someone jokingly threw a coffee bean into a glass of sambuca, yelling “there is a fly!”.


Sambuca Sbagliata still surprises with a cocktail with a summery and fruity background, and goes perfectly with lemon juice, apple soda and a splash of vodka.

Use the build over ice technique.

In a glass with ice pour 20ml Sambuca Sbagliata, 40ml Vodka Classics Bad Spirits, 25ml lemon juice.

Then stir gently with the bar spoon. Before serving, complete the cocktail with apple soda. Finally, garnish with apple slices and optional pink peppercorns.


The Sambuca born from a mistake.