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Sambuca is a typical Italian liqueur, and probably has its origins in the herbalist tradition of monasteries; it was marketed at the end of the 19th century in Civitavecchia, a town north of Rome, but only became an international product after the Second World War.

Sambuca Sbagliata, the first liqueur created by Bad Spirits, is the surprising and unexpected result of a production error.

The name Sambuca Sbagliata, which means ‘Mistaken Sambuca’, and the correction of the primary formula originated from this unforeseen event; the new recipe includes 30% less sugar, the addition of orange peel and, finally, star anise replacing the less prized and traditional fennel.

Kintsugi, literally “golden joinery”, is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery using a particular type of lacquer combined with gold dust that allows to create unique and unrepeatable works.

From an error, from a wound, from imperfections, unexpected beauty can blossom, like the liquor born from a mistake.

This is why kintsugi is the inspiration of the label, a mix of inimitable and infinite ceramics, just as infinite and unpredictable can be the combinations with Sambuca Sbagliata.

It’s the sambuca that will defeat your expectations.

Its exclusive recipe only uses cereal grain alcohol, elderflower, fine star anise and orange peel.

With a sweet and rounded flavour, and a delicate scent, it is exactly what the art of kintsugi teaches us: unique and unrepeatable. It is ideal for both the preparation of cocktails and drunk straight with or without ice.


Tasting notes: dolce e morbida

Capacity: 700ml

Alcohol content: 40%vol.

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The Sambuca born from a mistake.